Our Company

Meet The Sandlins

Sandlin is a family. A family’s foundation must begin with a company that’s solid from the ground up. We believe the strength of any homebuilder is the ability to deliver quality homes that fulfill the customer’s dreams with unmatched results. Sandlin Homes has demonstrated this strength for decades in Dallas-Fort Worth. We pride ourselves not only on what we build, but following a tradition of excellence handed down from J.B. Sandlin for over 60 years. When you choose Sandlin Homes, you are choosing a company that will deliver your dream not only with strength, but will exceed beyond your expectations.

J.B. Sandlin’s three sons, Mike, Terry and Scott Sandlin, along with their brother-in-law Matt Speight, uphold the family-owned and operated business with family values at the forefront of Sandlin Homes’ philosophy.